Just read A Dance with Dragons (Review with a spoilers for the series)

Where to start… Ok, I’m pissed. I want my 10 hours of life back!

If you haven’t read the book or want to watch it on HBO don’t read this! If you are an epic fan do not read this. People are going to disagree with me, but I didn’t like this book.

This review assumes you read the first 4 books: if you haven’t don’t read further!

Maybe no one should read this, just to be safe I’ll give one more: Spoiler warning!!!

I love George RR Martin’s writing style. It is engaging and dense.

Here is the problem… I just read 1000 pages that didn’t go anywhere. As soon as I saw Daenery was lingering, I honestly was like Wtf? And so did most of the characters in the book. I don’t really believe in her actions at all.  And I just shook my head at the whole thing. All her advisors were telling her to go, and instead she did this thing that makes no sense. I actually wondered if Martin forgot what he wrote in the first 3 books. (Since she did not make an appearance in book 4.) I felt like he needed a maguffin to keep Daenery stable so he could move people (geographically) into place for the final two books. Or so the prophecy could come true without hurting the major players. Or maybe he really does have a problem with a strong Queen on the Iron Throne.

I think he has no clue who he wants to win so he had to make up a few new characters for this book and even before I knew them I was cheering for them to lose because I want Daenery to win back her throne.

Also I think he pulled back to a certain degree on the violence towards women, but I am so desensitized to it in his universe, when I see another pubescent girl being forced into a marriage and hurt, I can’t even feel for her. People who were “bad” in book 1 and 2 are redeemed so who really cares if some unimportant girl gets hurt? The villains are getting worse and the heros are getting thinned.

For example: Jamie is a kingslayer, pushes a seven-year old boy out a window and cripples him for life, has sex with his evil twin sister in order to  cuckold the king, but once we see his POV in book 4&5, the reader is forced to get behind him.  Same with Cersei, Reek/Theron and a bunch of other characters that I want to hate. Mr. Martin takes the ability to hate them away from the reader. These people deserve the death penalty in their universe, but instead he kills the good guys. When he did it once in Game of Thones, it was engaging and shocking, but now all the books end that way.  The pattern is obvious and incredibly depressing.

So in conclusion, I’m not bothering with the series again until it is finished. Then I will read book 6 and 7 together just to see who “wins” or I might just go read spoilers.


One response to this post.

  1. Wow. What a scorching review. Expect torches and pitchforks from the die hard fans.


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