Stretching my writing habit: Famineland’s Serin twitter feed

I felt this writing experiment didn’t work as I lost 3 or 4 followers while it was going on– plus I discovered that I couldn’t go back long enough in time to get the early posts (I kept them though on the word document.)

Then 4th of July, my birthday, and a bunch of actual work kept me from updating every day. But anywhoo: this is the whole story together.


Serin’s Twitter Feed


10 Jun

#FLSerin : Like a good apprentice should, Serin kept his eyes averted and his face emotionless during the execution.

11 Jun

#FLSerin : Yet he watched his cousin’s sword run through their enemy. As the traitor’s blood spilled the entire forest began to lament.

#FLSerin : As was appropriate, his outer shell showed profound sadness, but deep with in the recesses of his heart, he danced.

#FLSerin : He wondered if his love wished to taste the blood. She was always beside him now, hanging from his right thigh. Her bones burned into ash, mixed with iron forged into steel.


12 Jun

#FLSerin : Cousin Nora’s face was truly unhappy. For the greater good or no; she regretted her duty.


13 Jun

#FLSerin : Still Nora was lucky, she would be leaving in a few days with Aunt Aster. He was stuck in the village for another century at least.


14 Jun

#FLSerin : Another spring morning, but Serin awoke feeling foul. His throat hurt.

#FLSerin : He felt the knots in his neck, and a bruise on his back from the flat of Craeg’s sword. Another bruise on his calf from Serina.

#FLSerin : Souvenirs from yesterday’s lesson. He didn’t want to spar with his siblings—much less his cousins and weapons master—today.

#FLSerin : Still he went to breakfast where his twin chirped at Da and Craeg. Her bare arms were bruised.

#FLSerin : He was glad he left as many marks on her that she left on him. Craeg just nodded at her, he probably wasn’t even listening.

#FLSerin : Why didn’t Serina understand no one wanted her yammering on in the morning. “What’s the matter?” she asked as he approached.


15 Jun

#FLSerin : “Da, I have a sour throat—it’s probably nothing. Just feel wrong.”

#FLSerin :Da gestured him closer. He felt Serin’s glands, looked in his mouth, pressed a hand to his forehead. Then glanced at Craeg.

#FLSerin : “A missed lesson won’t put him behind too much,” his elder brother said, “Better he rest for a day, then put to bed for a week.”

#FLSerin : Then the men looked at Serina, “How have you been feeling?” Da asked. “I’m fine,” she said.

#FLSerin : Serin bit his tongue. He was just the extra boy, while Serina was the keeper of the bloodline.

#FLSerin : She was also all that stood between them and the redistribution of Ma’s wealth to the village since Ma and Nessa died.


16 Jun

#FLSerin : He loved his twin, but sometimes he could wait to be married away from her. He could just be Serin.

#FLSerin : Back to his chambers, Serin considered the best use of his day. Da would be in conference with the Patron.

#FLSerin : Craeg and Serina would be on the sparring field. As long as he didn’t get noticed, the afternoon was his.

#FLSerin : Da came in to his room holding a tray of milky porridge spotted with bounceberries. Was Da worried about the whithering?

#FLSerin : A slight tinge of guilt fluttered into Serin’s stomach. He wasn’t acting much like a noble Daoine Warrior.

#FLSerin : He waited until the apartment was empty and quiet. Then he slipped through his sister’s bowyer and pushed open her window.

#FLSerin : It was 40 feet to the grass below. However edging along the stone wall until he reached the corner, he could climb down unseen.


17 Jun

#FLSerin : He skimmed the wall careful to stay in the shadows. To the East was the huts of commoners, to the west the archery field.

#FLSerin : Either way he might be seen. The Commoners wouldn’t know he wasn’t on some errand for Craeg or another Hunter. He chose west.

#FLSerin : He made it to the wall, unchallenged.

#FLSerin : He couldn’t use the gate. Apprentices were technically not allowed to leave the village without their masters.

#FLSerin : However Craeg once showed him and Serina a gap used to cut to the pond. He edged his way under the blackberry thorns.


18 Jun

#FLSerin : Once through, he glanced back. He had left no trace either on the brambles or in the dirt. Craeg would be proud.

#FLSerin : Of course, Serin was not stupid enough to tell his elder brother or any one else about today’s venture.

#FLSerin : Covering his blond hair, and skirting the trees until he was well out of sight of the village, he headed North up the mountain.


19 Jun

#FLSerin : He lengthened his stride. Every step away from the village, he felt more free.

20 Jun

#FLSerin : He trudged up the mountain through hemlock forests and into a sub- alpine region of heather and blooming huckleberry bushes.

#FLSerin : Through he knew it was too early in the year, he ran his fingers over the blossums wishing they were berries.

#FLSerin : Eventually, he came to a large serpentine skeleton with most of the meat picked off the bones.

#FLSerin : As he looked closer, he saw chips of granite imbedded into the bones. It was likely killed with a stone blade. Giants.

#FLSerin : Or at least one.


21 Jun

#FLSerin : He imagined how envious Serina would be if he brought home the carcass of a giant. He might even be promoted early.

#FLSerin : He would be a Guardian, while she was only an apprentice.


22 Jun

#FLSerin : Deep in his imaginary glory, he drew his short sword and began to strike the air, dodge and roll.

#FLSerin : Then the ground began to rumble.

#FLSerin : Careful not to lose his sword, he found a thick cedar with roots reaching down into Talamh.


23 Jun


#FLSerin : Before Serin’s eyes a mighty man, taller than ten humans standing feet to head, emerged from the stone. #FLSerin : The juggernaut held a wailing ewe. He bit off her head and slurped out her innards, before crunching on her bones.

#FLSerin : The juggernaut’s amethyst eyes swept across the landscape until they landed upon the ceder which Serin held unto.

#FLSerin : As the giant bounded towards him, the boy knew that he could not best him in a fight nor outrun him.


24 Jun

#FLSerin : As the juggernaut reached for the boy, Serin began to climb. He sought cover and balance on a sturdy bough-laden branch.

#FLSerin : With his left hand, Serin hung on to the branch above his head, his right hand gripped his sword.


25 Jun

#FLSerin : As the giant’s hand came closer, Serin thrust. His sword drew only a drop of blood from the giant’s calloused finger.


27 Jun

#FLSerin : Still the giant jerked back, confused. He hadn’t expected even a sting. Serin saw his moment.

#FLSerin : The boy jumped out of the tree. He landed well in a tight roll and then kept running.

#FLSerin :The giant let out an earsplitting roar and ripped the tree out of Talamh. Squirrels bounced to ground and birds took to air.




29 Jun

#FLSerin : Distracted, the giant opened his wide mouth and began eating the leaves. Solid roughage.


#FLSerin : Serin circled back. He either needed to take out the Juggernaut or warn the village.


30 Jun

#FLSerin : He called to a falcon and wrote a quick note in his small emergency parchment.

#FLSerin : He scrawled his elder brother’s name along with the words: GIANT UPPER LAKE, SOUTH BANK, HELP!

#FLSerin : As the falcon flew back towards the village, he realized his fate: If he lived, he’d be punished. Maybe dishonored.


7.1 #FLSerin : Back in the village, a Guardian approached Craeg as he watched Serina spar with another apprentice. He read the note quickly.

#FLSerin : “Did you read this?” Craeg asked.

“No, Good Hunter,” the Guardian bowed and was dismissed.


#FLSerin : Craeg whistled. Davyn approached with two stags. He shoved the parchment in his friend’s hand. “We need this quiet.”

#FLSerin : “I want to help!” Serina said.


Serina whispered. “It’s Serin, isn’t it? He’s my brother too.”

#FLSerin : “I said no, not as your brother, but Hunter to Apprentice.” Craeg answered before the men rode towards the gate.

#FLSerin : Serina hated to be left behind, but she wouldn’t disobey the order of a Hunter. And she wouldn’t tell.


7.2 #FLSerin : Serin did his best to hide from the Juggernaut as he shook trees, tossed boulders, and uprooted bushes. He circled, dodged, and ducked.

From the East, Daoine arrows came from the forest. Though they bounced off the Giant’s thick skin, they got his attention.


7.3 #FLSerin : He turned. “Little men on little deers,” the Juggernaut said.


Serin glimpsed his brother’s blond hair and leather armor. Then saw Davyn riding beside him. Sweet relief rushed into his chest. Two Hunters could destroy a giant.


7.5 #FLSerin : Craeg jumped off his stag and as the giant approached, spun left. He began a rapid series of powerful overhand blows which struck his thighs and groin. Though the Giant was obviously the larger opponent, the blows came so rapidly that he was forced to continually backing away. Serin circled him and stabbed him in the back.

Using Serin’s blow as a distraction, Craeg rolled under the giant’s large strides. Staying low to the ground, he hamstrung the giant. As the giant fell forward, Davyn shot him in the neck. This time the arrow stuck.

Craeg plunged his sword in the giant’s neck and what was a trickle became a fountain of gushing blood. Which clotted and crystalized as soon as it touched the stone lake bed. “Why?” was the Juggernaut’s last utterance as he melded with the granite. “There’s no carcass to drag back?” Serin asked.


#FLSerin : Davyn turned towards the stags. Craeg turned towards his brother. After a mismatched battle, the elder brother was not feeling particularly merciful.


#FLSerin : Craeg said, “Serina will be happy to see you recovered from this morning’s illness. She missed you on the sparring ground today.”

Serin rolled his eyes. The last person he wanted to see was his twin.

Craeg said, “I think the planking in the barracks is looking a bit sorry.”

From the ground, Serin nodded. A day cleaning the barracks isn’t bad.

“And your uncle can use some help in the stables.”

Serin nodded again.

“And I’ll figure what else to do with you later. If you find your way back without getting caught this stays between us. Davyn and I are going hunting. I expect that you will be home when I return.”

#FLSerin : Serin hurried back South down the mountain. He slipped Covering his blond hair, he skirted the trees until he made it to the wall. He tried to slip through the hole, but Serina was waiting for him.


“You’re hurt?” she asked.


“Were you beaten?”

“Craeg gave me chores.”

“That was real brave of you. I wish I was like you,” she whispered, “When Craeg told me to stay, I did, just like a dog.”

Though her tone was not sarcastic, Serin thought his sister was mocking him. He looked up in her face, but all he saw was admiration.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell,” she finished.

Suddenly his twin’s presence wasn’t so grating.









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