Northern Wales

In Dublin I suffered from an allergy attack or possible head cold. After the ferry ride and then packed train where I couldn’t stop sneezing, I took it easy in Northern Wales. Though I had much more planned. I actually ended up just hanging around Conwy for two days.  This ended up being a good idea. I met some new friends, actually from Washington State and had dinner with them. I also bought a book about a legend of the true Welsh Warrior Princess Gwenllian who was beheaded. Some people say her ghost still roams either looking for her head or her lost son (who also died in that battle) –but honesty I do not believe in ghosts. Though I do like that for centuries afterwards a battle cry for Welshmen was: Revenge for Gwenllian.

Still there is alot to see in Conwy.

I explored Conwy Castle. Here is the view from Conwy Castle.

I walked around the town on their wall. And I went shopping and visited the other two Heritage sites. Plas Mawr (an Elizabethan townhouse) and Aberconwy House (The oldest house in Conwy dated back to the 13th century) Here is the Kitchen at Plas Mawr.




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