Personal Gore & Scary Movie Marathon for Halloween Weekend!

Saturday morning: Dennis awoke when he rolled into a slick wetness.  Then he realized I was gone. You see, every morning at 7 am PST Tycho’s internal clock–which has a direct connection to his bladder–tells him to paw me until I wake up and take him out. I normally do this in a stage which is best described as half-asleep zombie and of course I make both dogs go as I don’t want to do it twice.

Alright so when I get back, I discover all the lights are on. Dennis tells me that one of the dogs got sick. When I start cleaning up the trail which we originally thought was vomit, we realize I am cleaning up blood. Then I look back at my dogs. The blanket Rosie is now sitting on is stained. I pick her up and realize her back flank is covered.

Dennis and I clean her up as best as we can, but it is obvious she is still bleeding from the rectum, I hold her as I checked the vets website and zipcar. There was no car available, so I just planned on walking. By now my pj pants are covered with what seems like lots of blood because Rosie is so small, but really wasn’t. I put down a towel and let Rosie rest in her travel crate, clean up the rest of the floor, I take a bath, get dressed, get Dennis a cup of coffee and me something to eat, then I put Rosie in even a smaller soft sided crate so I can carry her to the vet.

Fortunately she is fine. It was an abscessed anal gland. Rosie is the strong and silent type. I didn’t even know she was in pain–if it had been Tycho, he’d have been howling. Anyway so now Rosie has a cone and on antibiotics. We put towels on her bed so the wound can drain as instructed and she really just seems like she wants to rest. She stopped eating kibble, but I’ve been giving her small amounts of diluted chicken broth to at least keep her hydrated.

All in all, pretty disgusting.

And it was one of the main reasons Dennis and I decided that we would be staying home and watching scary movies this weekend.

On Saturday night, we watched some Classic Horror. Specifically the 1941 Wolf Man 1941 and then the 1943 Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man. Lon Chaney plays Larry Talbot aka the Wolfman in both. Bela Lugosi is also in both films. First as the Gypsy Bela in Wolfman and then he plays Frankenstein’s Monster. I think the Wolf Man is the better of the two movies. It is more epic in its nature. It has a strained father/son relationship, village life, hunting parties. Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man was broader in scope as Larry traveled Europe looking for a cure, but it felt anticlimactic.

Still both are interesting products of their time.

On Sunday, we had a demon themed night, we watched Paranormal Activity, (2007) 5ive Girls (2006) and 1973’s The Exorcist.

Paranormal Activity was one of the scariest movies we had seen in a long time. Especially over the first viewing. The low budget and limited cast gave the movie a feeling of isolation. The visual effects and bass gave the whole movie an all over creepy effect.

We were going to watch Paranormal Activity 2, but after reading the reviews, we changed our minds. Apparently something was lost with the bigger budget.

5ive Girls started well, but its logic fell apart too quickly. (Dennis stopped watching it closely.) Also the bad CG and constant falling into montages were just goofy. It also had Ron Perlman as a guilt ridden priest which is always a good enough reason to watch a movie. The one great thing was: when the demons started attacking, even the faithless girls reaffirmed their belief in God. They pointed out that current events made God’s existence undeniable. Smart. Unfortunately that was one of the only smart points. The worse part was some of it seemed a bit too much like “school girl” fantasies which unfortunately took away from the main story.

The Exorcist is a long time favorite for both of us. Of course, the creepiest part of that movie to me isn’t the demon possession but the medical experimentation as they try to figure out what’s wrong with Regan.

Then we switched to a bit more science fiction horror because it was not quite late enough to go to bed. We watched 1982’s The Thing another favorite. This is probably definitely in my top ten movies. Keith David and Kurt Russell have really good chemistry when they work together and against each other in this film. Also compared to the 1952 version, I actually like that this film does not have any women in it. It always annoys me when people are flirting while a monster is roaming a compound trying to kill everyone.

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