And the final book in my reading rampage: The Debutante Detective by Lisa McDivitt

The Debutante Detective by Lisa McDivitt is a book I was really looking forward to reading and I loved it. (Of course I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes as well as Jessica Fletcher. I am not YA!)

Lisa McDivitt knows exactly how to pace a mystery along side the perfect amount of description and action. I love the 3rd person limited perspective: it gives the main character a strength in her voice while not alerting us to everything that is going on. (Which is why Yes, I often use 3rd person limited in my own writing.)

Her father, a lawyer, earned money in a class action lawsuit and Samantha Robinson is newly rich. Her parents’ new money has made Samantha  a debutante. This is the last thing she ever wanted to be. She doesn’t like the cattiness. She has been an outcast with a single friend Nate throughout school and now everything is changing. But of course this is not just a coming of age story, but also a murder mystery. When the head of the debutante world is murdered and the police department’s lead investigator encourages Sam to become a part of the debutante world as a spy, she jumps right in.

Awesome. Sam is a great as a detective. She also is completely convincing as a teenager whose life is undergoing major change. In her new role as a secret agent during the summer between high school and college, Sam actually grows into the role. She finds friends in girls that formerly ostracized her. Boys that hadn’t noticed her before now are flocking around her. She and her older brother now get along pretty well.

I don’t really have anything negative to say about the book, but something did strike me as odd and I think I had a culture shock from possibly a geographical differences.

First thing:  There are two deaths in the book: 1) the head of the debutant society,  the second death which I don’t want to give too much away, but Samantha and her family are just like “oh well. You’re life is in danger Sam… we just are ignoring this guy.” Of course the action is ramping up so it’s not exactly time for sadness, but seriously this guy didn’t even get a funeral or if he did, Sam’s parents didn’t go. That really felt odd. Almost as if something was missing.

One of the ways we see Sam is getting more snotty and used to her parents money is the time she spends ordering her coffees and drinking cappuccino. This might just be a geographical thing: but seriously: I expect my non-fat vanilla latte to be a perfect and drinkable 140 degrees. I paid $3.50 for the darn thing after all. And so does every other person in my neck of the woods. Anyone who can afford Starbucks and their ilk drink their coffee there. And that’s what Starbucks, Tully’s, Cafe Nero and the rest do. you order the drink you want and pay a premium plus tip for it. But then this might be just a geographical difference

All in all I loved this book.


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