My new year’s goal: Physical health for someone who sits on their bum all day!

Bad news everyone. I don’t believe the world will end in 2012. And even if it does, nothing I can do about it. So I figure I better think about some goals for the new year.

My biggest goal this year is to get healthier. It’s not only about losing a little weight. I completely admit I do want to look sexier. (who doesn’t?)  The real reason is I want to go out and enjoy some of the things I used to enjoy: snowshoeing and hiking. Last fall, I had such a great time in the UK, but  there were some days that I hurt from all the walking and lugging suitcases that I did.

I need to get daily exercise, beyond the dog walking. Especially since I sit on my bum most of the day writing and drawing.

Don’t worry, I have a plan which I will now share with the world…

1) I am going to do yoga three times a week. Specifically Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9 pm with my husband. I have the DVD’s, yoga mats, straps, and bricks. We just got to get stretching.

2) I am going to do my cross training DVD on Tuesday and Thursday since this is a bit more high impact than my husband would like, I plan to do this one while he is at work.

3) Every Free Saturday, my friend Rebecca and I are going out on a day trip around Washington State for a nice hike, snowshoe trip, spelunking, etc.

4) Sunday is a day of rest and recovery or of the day for my writing group. While it sounds like a lot of work, actually my Yoga DVDs are only 30-45 minutes long, and my cross training one is 20 minutes. The Saturday day trip is the reward.

Now lets just hope this works!

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  1. Good luck with it. You have a plan. That’s half the battle!


  2. Posted by warwickbeauchamp on January 3, 2012 at 9:24 am

    Good on you!!!

    And all the best for making your goals all come to reality in 2012…

    I’m in the process of writing a book on goal setting and achievement myself – would appreciate you having a look and giving me any feedback… If you’d be kind enough to fill in the questionnaire there’ll be a free copy of the book for you when it’s published!

    Have a look here:

    Again all the best for achieving your goals in 2012!!!! (Where did this idea of the world ending come from???)


  3. Good luck! I love the Saturday trip idea! And working out with hubby… wish mine would… 🙂 Do you have healthy meal ideas too?


    • Thank you,

      My hubby wants to do yoga so that’s why we planned it a time, he could do it.

      As for meals. As long as I am cooking and plan out what I am cooking in advance: we eat pretty healthy. Its when I am in the middle of editing a novel or getting ready to push a graphic novel to the printer that we fall into eating ‘the whatever is fast’ trap. Add all the Christmas madness and both my hubby and I got a cold in December and we ended up in a fast food spiral. (Yes, I am the full-time cook of the house. He cleans the bathrooms, I feel its a fair trade.)

      For myself, I believe in eating as much a whole foods as possible. A mix of carbs, fats, and protein. And ultimately taste is a huge factor or we won’t eat it.

      Today for example:
      Breakfast: I made oatmeal porridge (with an egg mixed in it for texture and protein) cinnamon and apples (for texture and taste)
      Lunch: Orzo salad with a ton of veggies, feta cheese. (This is a nice recipe since it is made in advance and I’ll eat it for the next few days.) Note: this is what I am having for lunch, hubby eats whatever he wants at the office.
      Snack: Yogurt and a banana
      Dinner: minute steaks, golden potatoes, broccoli, pear slices. He will drink iced tea–unsweetened, I drink a glass of nonfat milk with dinner. (This habit I picked up long ago from my Grandma who drinks milk with every meal and is still hiking.)


  4. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog recently and I hope you accept this award in the spirit it is given.

    Please refer back to my post for the rules. ‎Continued success.


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