Special Guest: Interview with Muffy Morrigan

As some of my faithful readers know, after meeting the gracious Muffy Morrigan at Norwescon, I purchased  her latest novel and reviewed The Sail Weaver on my blog last week. Now we get the chance to know a bit more about her, as she agreed to do an interview. So here we go…
What inspired you to write?
I have always wanted to be a writer once I realized that books were created by writers. My parents read to us a great deal and I
loved thinking about making stories myself. I wrote my first “novel” when I was six.
It was about a mad scientist wanting to destroy earth. I wrote it out long-hand on lined paper, tied it with pretty yarn and went door to door selling it to the neighbors. Then later, when I was about eight, my father bought me the Hardy Boys. I read the whole set and ran out–after mourning for a few days it occurred to me that I could be writing more stories… So, I guess it was my love of books that inspired my writing first and foremost.
What have you learned as a writer? What is the hardest part of being a writer? 
I’ve learned discipline. Writing (from the outside) looks easy, just sit down and type, but over a long term project it requires discipline to not be distracted by the other things going on and stick with the job at hand.

The hardest part of being a writer–for me–is getting the time to write, then using it wisely. I often have five or six stories bouncing around in my head and they all demand attention and I have to fight to keep focused on one of them.

How was working on The Sail Weaver different than your other series, The Custodes Noctis?

Oooh! The Sail Weaver was epic in size and definitely had a much larger cast than the Custodes Noctis book. The main thing was it was entirely a world of my making. With the Custodes Noctis I have some grounding in the here and now, but Tristan and the Winged Victory exist in a very different place and it was a challenge to keep that world feeling as solid as the day-to-day world of urban fantasy.

What was some of your inspiration/sources for The Sail Weaver? How much research did you in the British Royal Navy during the Colonial /Napoleonic periods?

The Sail Weaver, in many ways, is the book I have been waiting to write my whole life. I took my love of classic sci fi and fantasy (Clark, LeGuin, McCaffery, Asimov, Star Trek, Star Wars) the things I grew up reading and blended them with the historical bits.

I did a lot of research for the naval parts of the story. I read a lot of primary source material, some works on the Navy–including a wonderful, easy to read work called “Life in Nelson’s Navy”and other works about the time. Then there was the magnificent works of Patrick O’Brian and CS Forrester, which are practically historical tomes in themselves. I was particularly careful with those parts of the story, since it would take such a huge shift in our word to return to those behaviors and disciplines, I wanted to make sure I got it right!

What are you reading right now?

Right now I am reading the Sagas of the Icelanders (for an upcoming work), rereading Sherlock Holmes and several books I’ve picked up at cons and have just gotten to!

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Patrick O’Brian, Anne McCaffery, Robert B Parker, Elizabeth Peters, Ursula LeGuin, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Mary Stewart–there are many more. And a few fandoms I enjoy reading the occasional work in as well!

What is your next project?

My next project is the Berserkers, it’s the next book in the Custodes Noctis series and deals with the legends of the Berserkers, blood eagles and so much fun stuff!

More about Muffy!

I started writing at age six. I’ve written my entire life, including academic, magazines, newspapers and alternative newspapers. I live with several strange creatures that look like cats, but a definitely not cats, I am sure of it! My published works are the Custodes Noctis series and The Sail Weaver.

I have a blog at muffymorrigan.com that I generally deal with my ideas/views on writing. I believe in finding the Authentic Writer in everyone.

I am a proponent of fanfiction. I think it’s a wonderful compliment to have someone want to play in my worlds, and since I spent a great deal of time in my misbegotten youth playing in other people’s worlds it only seems fair!

One of the things I am trying to do is help raise awareness of Gastroparesis. That’s from the Latin meaning paralyzed stomach. It’s one of those conditions that we are trying to raise awareness of before trying to get any funding for research. People just don’t know it exists. I was shocked at how little even many in the medical profession know about it as I began my own journey with GP. If you see me at a con, I often have green ribbons for awareness (although I forgot them for Norwescon of course) and have even adapted them to a steampunk cool look.

Thanks Muffy!


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