Seven things you can do to help support any author in your life! Especially me!

Have an author in your life? Here are seven things that anyone can do!

1) Buy and read the book! Trust me, it’s not the money. Every new author wants their family/friends to be excited about the project they worked so hard on. Some people talk about the rejection that authors face from publishers and agents; but the real heart-wrenching stuff came after I was published. It was the rejection from friends and family that shredded my innards into tiny little pieces of invisible pain.

Heck, even if the book isn’t the genre you prefer, give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised–or you might not be. That’s okay. If an author has gone through professional editing, they probably can take a little constructive criticism–especially if it was something that makes our next books stronger. That doesn’t hurt.

What hurts is to find out someone you consider a dear friend tells you upfront they are not going to buy your book because “they don’t see the point,” especially when not only two weeks earlier, the same person paid $23 to see a play with the remark, “Oh I didn’t really want to see it, but [insert friend’s name] was in it.” Don’t they get it’s exactly the same thing? To answer my own question: No, obviously they don’t. Boy, does that feel good to get off my chest.

2) Okay, maybe you don’t want to reject your friend, but just don’t have the money. If you are a member of your local library in good standing, request the book from your local library. Generally all you need Title, Author, ISBN, Publisher

For example: Title: Other Systems
Author: Elizabeth Guizzetti
Publisher: 48Fourteen.
ISBN: 978-1-937546-01-4

So borrow it and read it.

3) As many book websites, Other Systems has a FAQ, Facebook page, etc. This “extra content” is part of the writing gig now a days. So send a question about the book or a character or what ever and generally they will put it up–as for myself–I definitely will.

4) Are you a member of a book club? Suggest your favorite authors’ book possible reading material.

5) Host a reading or other book related event.
Personally, I am so excited about this possibility, not only will I come prepared to read to you from the first act or answer questions, I will bring homemade cupcakes. (Assuming this is an event in the greater Seattle area.)

Or if you can’t host, but find out that they are having a reading, show up, pay attention and if the QA begins to falter, ask a thought provoking or at least intelligent question.

6) Since e-books are becoming more popular, many publishers are publishing e-books first–especially with new authors. If you aren’t into e-books, let the publisher know! Tell them you want to see the book in print, because if there is a demand, it is likely to be printed.

7) If you enjoyed the novel, tell all your friends about it. If you don’t have any friends interested in the genre, write a review. Any fair to good to great review is an important review for a beginning novelist. Post reviews on Amazon, Good Reads, or Barnes&Noble.

So there you have it. Seven things you can do to help support the author in your life.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by denisedesio on May 20, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    OMG! I’m so glad you wrote this. My biggest disappointment was from friends and family as well. People who spend 5 hours a night fooling around on the internet said they can’t possibly sit there and read my book on the computer. “Sorry, I don’t have an eReader. It’s not in print? Too bad.”

    Contrast that with a complete stranger I met on the internet who actually printed out the whole book on paper in order to read it. It’s called S.U.P.P.O.R.T. – the Sheer Unadulterated Purposeful Power Of Real Togetherness.

    And really, $4.99 for an eBook written by somebody you actually know is not going break the bank. Come on, people! Figure it out! Even if you hate to read, fork over a measly $5.00, and buy the book to increase Beth’s credibility with her publisher. Pretend you spent the money on a Hallmark greeting card that says: “Wow! Writing a Book and Getting it Published is AWESOME! Congratulations Beth! I Support You!”


  2. I couldn’t agree more! If the people that love you and know how hard you have struggled to get there can’t support you…are they the people that love you?

    I took a look at 48fourteen, bookmarked it to go back and read some of the authors there. I am excited about being so close to finishing something to submit soon. Keep it up, drop those breadcrumbs…we need it. Thanks!


    • Thank you, Peggy.

      Prior to writing this post, I worried it sounded like I am whinging, but at a convention a few authors and I were speaking on the subject, so I think it’s somewhat universal. which is why I decided to write this post. However, I honestly think most people don’t get that there is a struggle, it is all magic. Or least every day working on the book is always so much fun!

      Regardless to make myself clear: there are also plenty of people who have been supportive, for example, my mom’s reading the novel on her phone.

      Good luck to you on your novel.


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