Writers Block #4–Sick Dogs (Time management)

Remember I live on the West coast so I have only been up for an hour…

So the first two blog posts about writer’s block were about things that sometimes makes me have writer’s block. Here is what has been giving me writers block today…

I awoke to a foul smell emanating from my office. The worse smell you can possibly imagine:  liquid dog feces.

Tycho sometimes sleeps in there in the summer because he get’s too hot.

So I get up and see, and yep he had an accident all over his bed and on the floor near his bed. He is starring at me in abject terror and horror at what he has done. Then he cringes at me. (Dude, seriously, why do you make me feel like a bad dog mom? You are 12 pounds, I am a lot more, I will never hit you.)

I stick him in the crate so I can clean up the mess. Every once in awhile we hear a soulful whine in the next room. I live in a 3 room condo–my office is my bedroom closet.

Rosie now is worried because Tycho is in the crate. She isn’t sure if she should go to the crate or stay in bed. Dennis wakes up briefly. Rosie sees that now Tycho is crated SHE can get the warm spot next to Dennis. She is no longer worried. She is happy to usurp Tycho’s normal spot. (Seriously, Girl, he probably left the bed awhile ago, you could have taken the spot at any time!)

So the mess is cleaned up and then I take Tycho and Rose outside. I think what ever upset his tummy is gone. Now they lay on the couch with me. I planned on getting up and making strawberry cupcakes for my HOA BBQ which is this afternoon. I planned on getting another chapter of The Martlet edited. But instead I sit cuddling my sick dog writing a blog post since the idea of trying to focus on my next novel has gone out the window…

I know I really need to get up and make cupcakes, an errands and grocery list for when Dennis and I go out, but right now, that’s the last thing I want to do…because my four-legged hairy adopted son needs me.

My point is that all this household stuff is taking my focus away from working on the Martlet. In fact I am such a good procrastinator I am writing a blog post about how I am procrastinating due to my sick dog. Ultimately I know once I finish this post, I will go into the kitchen and make cupcakes. Once they are in the oven, I will set out to do the other household things I needed to do before Dennis woke up so we can go once he is awake, IF Dennis sleeps till 10 (which is likely) I will might get a chapter of the Martlet edited if he gets up any earlier, I have wasted the morning hours in which I could have worked. But hey at least I got a blog post done…and that’s something, isn’t it?

My purpose for writing this blog is this: Writers get blocked because they feel they don’t have enough time. It sounds trite, but anyone who wants to write novels needs to make time to write each day. They need to make time to re-write if they want their novels published. The Martlet is a good story at this point, but it is not ready for publication by any means. I need to give it my time so it can be a great story, by procrastinating it might end up fair at best. Once the dog seems stable and the cupcakes are done, they need to be at the laptop pounding away at the next chapter –even on Saturday mornings.

And this concludes my series on writer’s block!


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