Floodpocolyse Repairs are over!

I have a clean house again. I discovered how uncreative I can be when my house is in disarray. I could not get my brain in order. I wasn’t able to get out more than maybe 100 words a day. My mind was simply busy trying to keep things in order when my house looked like an episode of Hoarders. 

We had people in and out for three weeks. Dennis took some time off, Tycho licked himself until he got a wound. It was really stressful.

Not only was I having trouble drawing and writing, I couldn’t even bake. I screwed up a batch of lemon bars then oatmeal butterscotch cookies. Now most people would say “oh these are okay.” But they were not. There was something wrong about them. The lemon was bitter not tangy and the oatmeal cookies ended up too dry. I certainly wasn’t going to give them to the fine people at Rainbow as a special treat. 

So now the house is clean, not only was I able to re-edit a chapter in the Martlet, and do my Christmas Cards.  I also made vanilla walnut truffles and shortbread thumb prints with strawberry jam. 

I am so thankful that  it was really a three week inconvenience rather than any sort of real tragedy.  I am also thankful for all the nice emails and messages on FB and the blog people left. I really appreciate the support. Thanks!


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