The Hobbit–WTF?

I had a disappointing experience.  The Hobbit: an unexpected journey.

I loved the Lord of the Rings films and had great expectations for the Hobbit. I enjoyed the book. The Hobbit is an insular tale about how a hobbit’s life changes after he goes on an adventure with a group of dwarves. I even enjoyed the cartoon I saw as a kid.

However, I just watched  The Hobbit: an unexpected journey a film from the Tourist board of Middle Earth warning about the upcoming conflicts in Lord of the Rings. Sweeping view points, characters that don’t matter and are mentioned just once in LotR and then given a role in The Hobbit: an unexpected journey.  Worse, there is a TON of foreshadowing for the LotR. All the main characters had cameos. The battle scenes felt straight out of LotR. Some of Gandalf’s moves were straight out of LotR.

The Hobbit could have been an excellent 3 hour movie, but instead I watched a fairly boring part 1.


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  1. I loved the book and have fond memories of it. I was looking forward to this film, but i’m not too sure now.


    • Just go in with your eyes wide open.
      I will say the best scenes of the film are the ones straight out of the book. Bilbo as a unwilling host to the dwarves in his home, the songs, and Bilbo meeting Gollum and doing the riddle game. Both scenes are great and though they take a while, I enjoyed the nuances of them. However I just didn’t like the extension of things–especially the battle scenes and the epic feel of the film. They lost the charm of The Hobbit.
      Also I guess I should have said in my review, due to the amount of violence, this film is rated PG13 in the states. There are scenes that will appeal to young children and wiith editing, it could have easily been rated PG. So parents also should keep in mind some scenes will be violent and just the length of the movie.


  2. Second paragraph is a little confusing. I’d assume the battle scenes would be similar to LoTR…it’s the same director, crew and world. What would be radically different about battles?

    Characters mentioned just once in LoTR are “given a role” in The Hobbit? I have no idea what this means or how it is a criticism. Same with “sweeping viewpoints.”

    A ton of foreshadowing? I just can’t understand what you are critiquing exactly.


    • The books are very different. Though they share characters and the universe, The Hobbit is not the “prequel” to LotR.
      The Hobbit is 317 pages that focuses on Bilbo and his adventure with the dwarves. LotR is an epic about the future of entirety of Middle Earth.

      By the way, I loved LotR films, but everything I loved about them, I hated in The Hobbit.

      They stretched the story to fit into 3 movies by adding foreshadowing of things that will happen in Lord of the Rings. For example: When the Dwarves get to Rivendale, Saruman is here and apparently already evil. It isn’t even a question.
      They also made a receptive story, In LotR Galdalf whispers to the moth and the eagle appears, well we get to see that again. We get to see Frodo asking his uncle about his adventure. Escaping the goblin city follows the escape from Moria.
      As for characters who are just mentioned: Radagast shows up and plays a major role. Also the “Pale Orc” is a character very embellished for the film.

      And btw, Thorin hardly seems like a dwarf in fact he looks alot like Aragorn.

      No doubt there are other differences.

      Like I said earlier, you might love it, just go in knowing you will not seeing The Hobbit, but LotR The Prequel.


  3. […] reading Elizabeth Guizzetti’s recent blog post about the new Hobbit film, it got me thinking about the connection between novels and their film counterparts. Almost all […]


  4. What were they doing with this movie? At times they were right on with matching the book, but then did bizarre things like lengthening things the mountain giants rock battle to look like Transformers!

    Why were some things left in and others cut out? I really hated that they left out great parts like Gandaulf tricking the trolls until they turned to stone.

    The scene with Golum was right on, but the scene with the goblin king was so off it was ridiculous and what the hell with the Brown Wizard?!? Are they trying to make the movie stupid adding this guy or is he just the avenue into why they created Mirkwood from a “nice” forest instead of having it just exist?

    I think if you didn’t read the book you will like the movie. It is a cool movie.

    If you really loved the book, you’ll have issues with this interpretation. They really edited the book to pieces.

    I hate to be cynical, but it seems like it was done this way to promote LofTR and make three movies of of what should have been one or two max.

    I don’t know if I like it or not?!? Every time I try to like it, one of those edits pops up in my mind and pisses me off.


    • Thanks for commenting Mike. I agree. My husband and I really wanted to love this movie, but instead we watched it then went out to a restaurant and complained about it throughout dinner.


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