In search of a good author photo…

Old Author Photo

Old Author Photo

I admit it. My old author photo was just a vacation shot that I thought I looked really good. It was taken 7 years ago in Italy. It is interesting, but felt dated and also I just don’t look like that anymore. It was time for it to change.

So my friend Rebecca’s brother-in-law has a nice camera and he was willing to loan it to us for the afternoon. Rebecca said she thought she had the skills. We took over 100 images. Some closeups, some far away. Some in the park. One really dark one in my apartment.

Take 1: All the advice says “Be yourself.” So who am I? I’m a hiker.  I am a woman with two poodles. I’m not going to dress like I dress on the trail, but maybe bring in the dogs. There’s one big problem with this. Rosie and Tycho have needs and desires of their own. They never desired to be in an author photo.


Rosie is not amused in this close up.


Tycho wants to come up and be in the picture…except that he doesn’t. He just wants whatever Rosie has. So every time we tried to take a photo. He started wiggling.


Once again trying to get a good shot with the dogs just might not happen, because I got them to look the same way and I’m looking down.

Take 2: I want the photo to look professional, yet still show who I am, but most of the time I am a person who gets the giggles and looks evil.


I love this image of me, but it’s not author photo material. Just as in my old one, I’m laughing. (Also though you can’t see them, Rosie and Tycho are right there)


I might be plotting here. Also the wind is moving my hair around too much.


There’s nothing wrong with this image except I don’t quite look professional. Because I am really smiling, my eyes are squinting shut.

Take 3: Background & Lighting Issues

Okay it wasn’t the gear, but I do live in a ground floor apartment so we had to take photos outside. Outside the light kept changing and the wind likes to blow.

Take 4: I’m simply a goofball.

It’s hard to keep smiling for hours and hours. Eventually things get silly.


Two words: Blue Steel


This is what I like to call the Napoleon


I’m coming for you Seattle! Also I find this shot strangely flattering. My hair looks perfect!

This is the one I liked the best. I didn’t think I would want to be wear my glasses, but I think it looks more professional.


8 responses to this post.

  1. I too struggle to pick/pose potential photos. I think the last one looks completely natural and very professional. I’m always worried that mine look pretentious.


  2. good choice with the last one. I like it but I love the one that you think you are smiling too much in. It’s a very happy pic and looks very natural and no, your eyes are not squinting too much. I think it says more about your personality and is very inviting.


  3. Posted by Denise DeSio on October 14, 2013 at 3:12 am

    Pic number 0259 is the best of you, of the dogs, and also compositionally and visually.

    On 10/10/2013 5:02 AM, To quote ZB’s Blog of Awesomeness : > > zbpublications posted: ” I admit it. My old author photo was just a > vacation shot that I thought I looked really good. It was taken 7 > years ago in Italy. It is interesting, but felt dated and also I just > don’t look like that anymore. It was time for it to change. So my fri” >


  4. I like the last one, but couldn’t you have gone all-out and gotten some horn-rimmed glasses? Bright neon pink, I should think…


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