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It’s coming: Walnut Razorfang has been funded!

Blood Bones & Biscuits: The Legend of Walnut Razorfang has been funded! It is going to be a 48 page paperback or a special edition 60 page hardback. Please consider donating to the project if you want a copy.

For Blood, Bones, & Biscuits: The Legend of Walnut Razor Fang is the story of one small, but bold puppy who leaves home to destroy an ancient curse before it destroys Seattle. She must travel far – across the whole state of Washington and she will meet many legendary figures along the way: a sasquatch, a witch, a demon-possessed stuff squirrel, among others.

As I wrote it, If you liked Out For Souls and Cookies, you will find similar humor in this book.

What is Paper Flower Consortium?

After Out For Souls and Cookies: The Fanstastically True Story was released, I needed some space. You see the real Rosie and Tycho had passed away and I couldn’t work on Demon Dogs for awhile. So I spent time working on some vampire stories and created a universe which held the Paper Flower Consortium, the largest vampire coven in Seattle and the title of my new Podcast!  If you want to jump into it: listen to it here on my website!

I created it when writing my comedy-horror novella, Immortal House, 2018. Laurence, the main character in the novel, is seeking his forever home within his budget. In the book, there are four segments when we learn about Laurence’s history and meet vampires of his acquaintance most who live in the local coven: Paper Flower Consortium. By the way, Laurence does not want to own a condo in the coven as, he feels they are too involved with each other’s existences as it is a mix of a HOA and huge extended family.

Also, as a whole, they are often behind in sporting events and he is always accidently giving them spoilers to movies which they keep meaning to see (except Norma who keeps up with modern culture.)  That being said he has been lovers with Pascaline and William and friends with Charles, Derrik, and Norma and friendly enough with the others. Even before Immortal House released, I knew I would write a “Norma Book” which became a series of cozy mysteries. While working on The Norma’s Cleaning Service Mysteries, I wrote six back stories for the eldest six vampires of the coven, then the back stories for any younger vampires or enthralled humans, merfolk, werewolves or zombies who were important characters in the books. Not to mention the Initiation Guidelines and a few basic laws. Then I realized the amount of material, too short for a book and doesn’t belong in the Norma books or even the longer novellas about some of the ancient vampires. Using the questions which fans asked me when I saw them at the 2018 conventions, I thought of what people wanted to know.  Then I did what every author does, I realized all these little stories could be a podcast! I already had a coven librarian, Loretta Fabron Onfoy to narrate it. The genre is paranormal horror, though some of the stories lean towards horror comedy, paranormal fantasy, or even Gothic horror. Episode 5 is really a Detective Story.

In order to keep to a schedule, I decided to do a twice monthly: 1st and 3rd Fridays. I was able to get some beautiful opening and closing music: Loretta by Evan Witt. Learn More at 

 I hope you enjoy the podcast!Listen to on Buzzsprout Spotify, ApplePodcasts,, or on your favorite podcast player!

If you enjoy it, please like, subscribe and share it. There is a patreon for people who want early access to the episodes at

Want to win a copy of The War Ender’s Apprentice?


    Goodreads Book Giveaway

        The War Ender's Apprentice by Elizabeth Guizzetti

          The War Ender’s Apprentice

          by Elizabeth Guizzetti

            Giveaway ends January 13, 2018.

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The War Ender’s Apprentice Blog Tour!


Hey everyone, it’s time for another blog tour

December 10 – RABT Book Tours – Kick Off

December 11 – Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – Guest Post: Room Tour! Check out how I turned my closet into a writing area 🙂

December 12 – Books, Dreams, Life – Spotlight

December 13 – Evermore Books – Excerpt

December 14 – Cloe Michaels Reads – Guest Post: My Writing Process! I discuss my seven step writing process or how I finish a novel.

December 15 – Mello and June – Spotlight

December 18 – A Life Through Books – Interview

December 19 – Texas Book Nook – Review

December 20 – Celebrating Authors – Spotlight

December 21 – Stephanie’s Book Reviews – Spotlight

December 22 – Book Addict – Spotlight

December 23 – Chosen By You Book Club – Excerpt

December 26 – Tea Time and Books – Spotlight

December 27 – Jazzy’s Book Reviews – Spotlight

December 28 – Logikal Blog – Spotlight

December 29 – The Avid Reader – Excerpt

December 30 – Bound 2 Escape – Spotlight

January 2 – The Indie Express – Review

January 3 – Novel News Network – Review

January 5 – RABT Book Tours – Wrap Up


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I will be at Orycon

Friends in Portland,

This Saturday, I will be in Orycon, Oregon’s fan run, annual science fiction/fantasy convention, speaking on panels and giving away 15 review copies of my latest novella, The War Ender’s Apprentice

This year’s Guests of Honor:

Timothy Zahn  |  Briana Lawrence (Brichibi Cosplays) and Jessica Walsh (Snow Tigra)   
Solovox | David Boop  |  Sarah Clemens

My schedule is:

How to market your comic Wenatchee – 166 Parlor Sat Nov 18 3:00pm-4:00pm If you’re indie, you’ve gotta learn how to market yourself. So how do you do that? Where do you start? Brandon Seifert, Robert B McMonigal, Barry Deutsch, Elizabeth Guizzetti
Freaking Me Out, Not Grossing Me Out Wenatchee – 166 Parlor Sat Nov 18 5:00pm-6:00pm Are intense descriptions of bloody death and torture really necessary to scare the pants off your audience? Discussion on how to horrify without all the gory details. Diana Pharaoh Francis, Alan M. Clark, Josh Vogt, Laura Anne Gilman, Elizabeth Guizzetti, The Pulp Stage
The Artist`s Studio Art Show Foyer Sat Nov 18 6:00pm-7:00pm What are the ingredients for a space that is inspiring and comfortable to work in. How big, how bright, how busy? Bring photos to share! Durlyn Larson, Leslie Kreher, John R. Gray III, Elizabeth Adams, Vandy H. Hall, Elizabeth Guizzetti
Healers, Shamans & Clerics, Oh My! Lovejoy Sat Nov 18 7:00pm-8:00pm Medicine in fantasy novels. Is there really an herb for everything? Elizabeth Guizzetti, Rory Miller, Irene Radford, S. B. Sebrick, Judith R. Conly

I’ll be at Rustycon this weekend!

Rustycon 34 is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention, held locally in at the Seatac Marriot, with approximately 500 – 700 people in attendance. They have multi–track programming in writing, art, gaming, cosplay and more. They also have a dealer’s room,  art show, game room, and a hospitality room for the general membership. Itinerary for Elizabeth Guizzetti

Fri Jan 13 3:00:pm Fri Jan 13 4:00:pm Magic or Religion?
Washington C Priestess, cleric, mage, witch, sorcerer. What are the differences and who should I use in my story?
Bruce Taylor Elizabeth Guizzetti G.R. Theron Jeremy Zimmerman


Fri Jan 13 7:00:pm Fri Jan 13 7:30:pm Reading Elizabeth Guizzetti
Tacoma Reading from Elizabeth Guizzetti’s newest work, The Grove. A sorcerer believes waking a few ancient gods will save humanity from itself. (And Elizabeth will bring chocolate chip macaroons using the recipe from the novel!)
Elizabeth Guizzetti


Fri Jan 13 8:00:pm Fri Jan 13 9:00:pm Are You Sure You Want To Go There?
Washington C Writing about the darker things in life; Rape, torture, childhood trauma, Sex with Dwarves. Sometimes it’s done for a laugh. Sometimes it is done for an emotional response. Sometimes, we ask ourselves “What was THAT all about?!” This will be a panel that goes into the darker side of writing, where the envelope is not only pushed but fed to the shredder. When is “shock” essential to the story, and when is it sensational?
Bruce Taylor Elizabeth Guizzetti G.R. Theron John Lovett


Sat Jan 14 12:00:pm Sat Jan 14 1:00:pm Self-Publishing – When and Why to go Indie
Tacoma Self-publishing is a viable career path, but is it for you? Discover the answer as a formerly traditionally-published author gone indie takes you through the ins and outs of what you need to consider when looking at self publishing. Includes balancing the risks and rewards, questions of creative control and freedom, and, of course, the financial side of things.
Elizabeth Guizzetti Tod McCoy
Sat Jan 14 12:00:pm Sat Jan 14 1:00:pm Self-Publishing – When and Why to go Indie
Tacoma Self-publishing is a viable career path, but is it for you? Discover the answer as a formerly traditionally-published author gone indie takes you through the ins and outs of what you need to consider when looking at self publishing. Includes balancing the risks and rewards, questions of creative control and freedom, and, of course, the financial side of things.
Elizabeth Guizzetti Tod McCoy

Sat Jan 14 3:00:pm Sat Jan 14 4:00:pm How do I finish???
Washington C You have the story, the big climax.. how do you end it?? A lot of beginning writers (and some pros) have problems with that. Come get some ideas.
April Daniels Elizabeth Guizzetti John Lovett Tom D Wright


Sat Jan 14 5:00:pm Sat Jan 14 6:00:pm The Bechdel Test
Washington C What is the The Bechdel test and why does it matter? Do you have at least two female characters in your novel that have conversation *not* about a man? Discuss why this is so important, especially in genres that aren’t romance.
Elizabeth Guizzetti John Lovett Rebecca Birch Sienna Saint-Cyr


Sat Jan 14 7:00:pm Sat Jan 14 8:00:pm Self Marketing for Artists and Writers
Evergreen I Some basics can be applied to any self-marketing. What has worked in the past for our panelists, what have they tried that was a total bomb?
Anthea Sharp Elizabeth Guizzetti Michael Suiter Rob Carlos


Sat Jan 14 8:00:pm Sat Jan 14 9:00:pm Why the heck do I write?
Washington C Lousy pay, long lonely hours, no recognition. Heinlein called it the other solitary vice. Pros and not-so-pros discuss why they keep on writing.
Bruce Taylor Elizabeth Guizzetti Geoffrey Quick Richard Gilmore


Sun Jan 15 2:00:pm Sun Jan 15 3:00:pm Violence in our World, Violence in our Stories
Everett Let’s do some soul searching. Are there any super hero movies that don’t end with the hero physically pounding on the villain? Do all SF/fantasy novels tell readers that violence is the only real answer? What stories avoid violence and yet still grip the reader from start to finish? Are there stories we are not telling?
April Daniels Elizabeth Guizzetti Michael S. Warner Tom D Wright

Five Questions: Elizabeth Guizzetti, author of The Grove

Check out Joe Follansbee’s awesome blog where I was interviewed with 5 questions.

J.G. Follansbee

Elizabeth Guizzetti author photo Elizabeth Guizzetti is author of three sci-fi and fantasy novels, including Other Systems and The Grove.

I’m starting a new occasional feature on my blog called Five Questions. I’ll ask an author five interesting questions and post their answers. Check out the answer for the bonus question! My inaugural guest is Elizabeth Guizzetti, a personal friend whom I met through a sci-fi and fantasy writers group in Seattle. Elizabeth loves to write science fiction, horror and fantasy with a bit of social commentary mixed in, not always intentionally. Her 2012 debut novel, Other Systems, was a finalist for the 2016 Canopus Award. Her most recent novel, The Grove, is on sale now.

Do you remember the first character you created? Tell me about him/her/it.

This wasn’t my first character, but the first character I remember was a ten or eleven-year-old girl trying to survive a…

View original post 444 more words

Sunday Book Review: The Cat, The Devil and Lee Fontana and The Fourth Piece

In this episode, I reviewed two books which were very different, yet had the same issue with the ending, just stopping.

The Cat, The Devil, and Lee Fontana by Shirley Rossuae and Pat JJ Murphy is a bit repetitive, but has compelling stories in a two-part narrative. 2 Stars (It would have been a 3 star, but they didn’t tell me on the cover that it was part of a series.)

The Fourth Piece by E. Ardell: Was a little nervous going into it since its YA, but I enjoyed this novel a great deal. Wonderful fast pacing, lots of action. Danger dripped from the prose. All four of the POV characters had their own unique voices. It was well written and I like the straightforward way E. Ardell uses description.  4 Stars

Jet City Here I come…

This weekend I will be at Artist Alley Table 007  and on The Ladies of Literature Panel at 3-3:45pm at Jet City Comic Book Show: A Back to Basics Comic Book Show.

Tacoma Convention & Trade Center
1500 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402

Nov. 5-6, 2016
10am to 5pm Both Days

Sunday Book Review: Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Wrapup

In this video, I explain while I am glad I tried Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-thon, I realized reading like that just isn’t for me and I review the three books I read that Saturday.
The House of Small Shadows by Adam Nevill, a very British horror novel. Slightly slow paced, but beautiful details. 5 stars.
I am Providence by Nick Mamatas A great Lovecraftian Murder Mystery and a satire of the convention scene and fandom at large. 4 stars
The Edgar Allan Poe Collection Audio Book read by Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone 5 stars

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