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Meet the protagonist of Other Systems: The Character Dossier of Abigail Boyd Lei

To celebrate the coming print version of Other Systems, I will be posting my original character dossiers from Other Systems for each of the major characters over the course of the next few weeks so if you want to see your favorite character’s dossier stay tuned.  Here is the order: Abby,  Cole, Harden, Helen, Mark, Brian, Diane, Pat and Rockford! I admit I am not putting up anything with spoilers.

So let’s get started with Abby.

Rover, Abby, and Rockford!

Rover, Abby, and Rockford!

Abby (Abigail Boyd Lei)

Ancestral Background: Half Scottish/half Chinese. Mother’s family from Seattle Area worked in factories for as long as anyone could remember, Father’s family expected more from Cameron. Parents married, Abby born seven months later. (You do the math)

Father: Cameron Boyd (Factory Foreman)

Mother: Lei Sun Lei (Also works in Factory)

Siblings: Raymond, (Commune Farm) Jin, (Factory) Joseph (deceased at age 2) Orchid (age 11, she spends most days with Abby at Library)

Other family members mentioned : Grandmother and Tara (Family Pet/ guard dog.)

Born in the city state of Seattle on planet Earth, Has never been outside Seattle until the Kiposi come.

Physical Appearance: Straight black hair, black eyes with gold flecks, pale tan skin

Employment: Assistant Librarian. Works with Mr. Alexander Johnson. All of the Boyd Lei offspring came to the library when they were little. Mr. Johnson feeling Abby’s intellect would be wasted on the factory assembly line, hired her. Since he is an old man without children, she reads to him.

Age in Book 17-19

Virtues: Intelligent

Vices: She can be manipulative. Prior to her trauma, she is fearless. After her trauma, she has trouble dealing with her fear, especially fear of the dark. Sweet-tooth.

Other: Loves to read and is a stargazer

Other Systems Cover
Sales Links:
Website with deleted scenes and other extras!

Brain Stuckage

Anyone ever experienced memory loss or more accurately brain stockage due to work related stress?

I am not trying to whine. I feel really lucky that the folks at 48 Fourteen liked my project enough to take the chance on Other Systems. The editor was awesome. He gave me a lot to think about and was great explaining a few of my grammar issues that I am actually embarrassed I messed up. Apparently knowing the rules and following them are two completely different things. There was also one that I thought I knew, but didn’t.

It’s just yesterday, I was thinking about a line about hydrogen fuel and I couldn’t remember if I cut it or not. Then I thought, if I did, should I have? Then I told myself to stop second-guessing and let the publisher and editor do their jobs. If they want me to change, add, delete something else, they will tell me. This is easier said than done.

Someone asked me “So what’s your book about?” I couldn’t remember, because all I can think is a stupid line about hydrogen.

I said, “Um, its about a girl…she emigrates to another planet…life isn’t what she thinks…” Totally botched that one. I made a story I am passionate about sound really boring.

However real scary moment was at Tuesday’s Drink and Draw Social Club when someone asked my comic titles: I remembered Faminelands, but Out for Souls&Cookies and Lure were completely missing. All I knew was I had done three titles. Thankfully my business cards have pictures on them. I was drinking a milkshake so don’t get the wrong idea. I just has no idea, because my mind was stuck in an unending loop worried about Other Systems… will 48 Fourteen like the changes? Is my mom right about the language issues? (Mom is worried about Harden’s and Cole’s potty mouths.) What about the level of violence and sexual activities?

I just want my brain to shut up already. I can’t wait for my vacation.

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