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Meet the secondary protagonist of Other Systems: Character Dossier of Captain Harden Alekos

To celebrate the coming print version of Other Systems, I will be posting my original character dossiers from Other Systems for each of the major characters over the course of the next few weeks so if you want to see your favorite character’s dossier stay tuned.  Here is the order: Abby,  Cole, Harden, Helen, Mark, Brian, Diane, Pat and Rockford! I admit I am not putting up anything with spoilers.


These are Cole’s three “kids” grown up. Since this is Harden’s blog post, I am going to talk about him. Even when I drew him (and this is the only time I drew him) he pulls himself out of the frame and away from his siblings. Reason: he simply doesn’t see the point of taking pictures. He knows what he looks like and sees Helen and Mark every day.

Harden Alekos: Captain of The Revelation.

He is not considered the best captain in the fleet, but his crew loves him. He is good at paperwork and an excellent engineer. Interesting fact: When I originally wrote this character, he and Helen were one person, but I realized I needed them to be split, because there is very little tension between Abby and Helen.

Physical Description: Tall. Wiry. Bean pole.  Tan skin with embedded microscales. Gold eyes. Due to body type and the way he smiles, he reminds people of his mom. Slouches. He has scars from his work.

Ancestry (from Earth) Paternal Greek Maternal: French and English.

Clothing: On ship: coveralls over a t-shirt, on leave: coveralls over a t-shirt. Only times he dresses up is for off-ship dinners. Slacks, and a button down shirt and a jacket. No jewelry or tie.

Character Description: Introverted. Has trouble relating to new people, doesn’t know how to make small talk. In social situations, he leans heavily on others. Loves puzzles. Social drinker, sometimes likes to have a beer when coming off duty, but never drinks to excess. Seems cold and grumpy to outsiders.

Education: Doctorate in Physics and Engineering

Job: Planetary Survey Team. Age  in novel: 21-44, when Abby comes into his life: 42

Virtues: Loyal, honest. Loves his crew/family. Genius level intelligence.

Vices: nearly constant swearing, can’t quite give up smoking.

Parents: Cole Alekos and Rosemary Finch. Raised by Mom til 14, but after parents separate, she is a radio transmission. Loving, but slightly cold relationship with Dad. To Cole, Harden was always a young man.

Siblings: Sister, Helen (originally -14 months) also due to the solitary lifestyle of space explorers: she is his closest friend. He loves that she got married since now he has another built-in friend/brother.

Brother, Mark (-15 years) He loves his little brother, but they only become close after Mark becomes an adult.

Offspring: Sterilized. Only offspring terminated in the womb.

Romantic Relationships: Primarily Heterosexual (though like most fleet brats he enjoyed bi-sexual experimentation in his late teens and 20’s.) He prefers monogamy, just because he doesn’t like meeting new people.

First love and first wife: Lucy Brown

A few short term romances then second wife: Phoebe Willows. He liked her well enough and wanted to be a good husband, but he was too focused on the needs of his ship.

Important Questions: 

How does he get out of trouble?

Intelligence. never violence.

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