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RustyCon here I come…

Rustycon, January 17 -19, is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention, held in Seatac. It’s a great smaller convention. They have lots of fun things such as a dealer’s room, an art show, and a hospitality room for the general membership. They offer programming about games, film, television, technology, writing, science, filk singers and music, art, poetry, legal issues.

My speaking schedule is as follows

Broken Wings-Writing Damaged Characters
We love our damaged heroes! (and heroines) But how do we write great characters without indulging in pop psychology or falling into `movie of the week` syndrome? This panel will focus on developing believable characters who will capture your readers imaginations.
Start 2014-01-17 14:00:00
End 2014-01-17 15:00:00
Room Salon I

LarkMCRaffle_smSequential Storytelling: Designing a comic
Learn how graphic novels are written and produced by independent comic book author and artist Elizabeth Guizzetti. Topics will include developing ideas, character design, plotting, storyboarding and more!
Start 2014-01-18 10:00:00
End 2014-01-18 11:00:00
Room Snoqualmie 2

Do you need a science background to write science fiction?
Discussion about researching for writing science fiction and asks do you need a science background to write science fiction?
Start 2014-01-18 15:00:00
End 2014-01-18 16:00:00
Room Salon I

Gaming as Grown-ups
Our panelists will cover everything from finding time for gaming when you have a job, a commute, and possibly kids to handling adult subjects in your play. Gaming does not have to end when you graduate.
Start 2014-01-18 16:00:00
End 2014-01-18 17:00:00
Room Salon H

Other Systems Cover

And best of all: I get a reading!

Elizabeth Guizzetti Reading from Other Systems!
I will be reading Chapter 7, 8, & 9 from my debut hard science fiction novel Other Systems. Trailers will be shown and swag will be handed out! (And though it is not in the program: I might be even reading from The Light Side of the Moon!)
Start 2014-01-18 18:00:00
End 2014-01-18 19:00:00
Room Spokane

I hope to see you there!

2013: #ECCC Confessions from Booth 1006

Okay I started this on Facebook, but then realized this was really a blog post. So some of these are repeats from this morning. These are things I actually said over the course of this weekend and thoughts going on in my head.

2013: #ECCC Confessions from Booth 1006: Exhibiting as Elizabeth Guizzetti

Maria and I in the booth!

Maria and I in the booth!

How does it feel to be a woman in a man’s field?

In my head: huh? Man’s field? What do you think this is 1950?

Spoken answers:

  • When I started Faminelands six years ago, I didn’t know comics were a “male-dominated” industry. I just thought it would be fun to try to write a graphic novel. I have been doing indie comics and when I look around, I see plenty of other ladies. So I didn’t really break the “rules” as much as no one told me I could or couldn’t do what I do. More and more women write books all the time.
  • I have never been discriminated against as a woman–or if I have– I was simply too dense to notice. Sometimes being thick is good. 😉
  • I did not know Other Systems was hard scifi when I wrote it. I did not know I was breaking into a man’s genre. I didn’t even consider my audience. I wrote a book I liked and listened to when and where Dennis groaned when he watched StarTrek.


HERE IS MORE TRUTH. Not a single thing has to do with me being a woman. I want to be considered a great author, not a great “woman author.” My reproductive organs have nothing to do with writing! Here is some stuff that matters:

  • I spent six months researching the gold rush to make Lure as real as possible. 
  •  I am a good dog-mom/alpha-dog/whatever to Rosie and Tycho so they continually feed me inspiration for Out for Souls&Cookies.
  • I wrote three graphic novels in the Faminelands Universe in a way that made me feel I never ruined the story.
  • I am damn (a stronger 4-letter word is more appropriate, but don’t want to embarrass my folks) proud that my worst reviews of Other Systems is there is too much science, exploring and not enough romance. I spent three months researching scientific theory alone, so of course there was a lot of science! Come on people! 

When is the sequel to Other Systems etc?

  • I am working on one now.

But when?

  • I don’t just push out books to get them out on the market. Sorry, you have to wait, but good sequels take time. Don’t worry, I always announce my sequels early.

A follow up to #5: Do you want to know how to make [Insert title] better?


In my head: Oh my god, did they see Malak’s jacket on page 41 in Mareton’s Curse? It was not rendered with as much care as every other piece of an image and if that wasn’t bad enough, the crappy looking coat makes his head looks pasted on!!! NOOOOOO!

  • No thank you, once a book is out, it is what it is. No one is more critical than I am, but I know better than to keep obsessing over it.

How is it to work with your bff?

  • I love Maria, but we do sometimes disagree. That is a fact in any friendship, but how do we stay friends? We have had a business contract since the beginning of all of this.

Why did you write Faminelands?

  • Because I like elves. I admit it. Now that the trilogy is complete, I am working on The Martlet for the same reason.

Hey There…

  • No, you can’t buy me a drink later, I am married.

Follow up to Question 8: then where is your ring?

  • See this tattoo? (On my ring finger on my left hand.)


Where is your husband?  (Actually this year he had the flu, but this question is asked every year and even if he wasn’t sick, it is not Dennis’ job to man the booth.)

  • Well it’s [insert day] so he’s probably home playing computer games, but he might have gone to a movie or something. Dennis does not have to hang out in my booth for me to know he loves me. I don’t hang out in his office. What you think that’s different? You are wrong, because this is my job. And no, you still can’t buy me that drink.

I want to do indie comics or write books or…. ?

Most days I say: Well it’s hard work but I love it. I write or draw every day and by the end of the year I have a novel. I love the work. 🙂

It’s the truth, but somedays I wish I could say to an attendee: Look, I work 40-60 hour work weeks with very little financial reward. But to me it’s not about the money. Sure I would love to have the money. I would build a big pool of gold like Scrooge McDuck and swim in it. However I think writing and drawing comics and novels are worth it even if I don’t ever have a commercial hit. I’m not even trying to have a commercial success in the way most people consider it.

Seriously if I wanted money, I would write porn–oh sorry I mean “erotica” or go back to painting baby room murals. That’s where the money is, however, that is not who I am. I write stories that my mother will not be ashamed to show her friends, I can be proud of that I paste my name all over it and hopefully makes the reader see beyond themselves. I love to do the research, I love to stretch my skills and to see myself getting better and better every year. That’s my reward. IF and ONLY IF that reward will be enough, then stop making excuses and get off your sorry butt and get to work…. 

But if I ever said that I think Maria would kill me or at least push me out of the booth and tell me to go buy us cookies.

Emerald City Comic Con–Here we come!

logoecccSo I am heading out to pick up our badges today for Emerald City Comic Con the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the pacific northwest! I also will bring one suitcase of display items and banners so I can do the basic table set up. Maria and I will haul the inventory together tomorrow. She gets here at 10 am and the con opens at 2pm so we have plenty of time for finishing set up and lunch.

Maria and I will be at Booth 1006 this year. The con is bigger than ever before.  We will also have some help from my niece, Jessica. We wil be “elfing-out” to celebrate the release of Faminelands #3. Come by for free postcard sets, bookmarks and other goodies. We have a special prize for anyone who buys the entire set. We also will be having a raffle with a hand drawn image of Lark and you can get your photo taken with people who dress up as elves to sell you a series of books.lark

We will be handing out buttons, postcards and excerpts for Other Systems. We also have news on The Martlet and Out for Souls&Cookies to share.

There will be plenty of celebrities, media guests, artists and authors. If you are in Seattle, come check it out!

Like ZB Publications on Facebook! Win awesome Faminelands Prize Pack!

Faminelands Prize1

Check out all the goodies!

In celebration of the completion of Faminelands #3, I decided to run a drawing.

LIKE ZB Publications on Facebook between Feburary 23rd and March 3rd to win an awesome Faminelands Prize Pack.

Included are signed copies of Faminelands#1 The Carp’s Eye, Faminelands #2 Living Stone and the long awaited Faminelands #3, postcard pack, 3 1 inch buttons featuring the cover art of each book and a Mareton’s Curse bookmark.

The winner will be chosen by random drawing on March 3rd after the close of Emerald City Comic Con and notified on this page,, and Facebook on March 4th. Please remember I am on Pacific Standard Time.  Also no family members of Maria or myself can win, though we would appreciate it if you still liked the page.

Faminelands Book 3: Mareton’s Curse is here!!!

Cover_ksThe graphic novels arrived this morning wrapped in cardboard, bubble wrap and shredded paper. I need to unpack them and repack them for ECCC and send out any pre-orders as promised. Also in the was our CD’s for the digital copies! Now I just have to burn them, then on to world domination…opps that wasn’t the inside my head voice, was it? There is still time if you want to place an order, check out our store

Also coming are more posters for both Faminelands and “Who wouldn’t trust a poode?” posters for Out for Souls&Cookies.

Mareton Curse

RustyCon 2013

This weekend I will be a panelist at Rustycon. Held at the Seatac Marriot, Rustycon is the first Science Fiction and Fantasy convention of the New Year in the greater Seattle area with a focus on literature, science, art, costumes, and gaming.

It is also my first convention of the year. I will be speaking on two panels.OS_Wallpaper_1

On Saturday How to Stay Alive until your ship comes in Moderated by Bruce Taylor/”mr. Magic Realism”, also with Robin Hobb and Kate Smith I have spoken on this topic before. Looking at the other authors, I think I might be the person with the fewest titles, so this is a subject which is very close to me. 😉

And Sunday Maps as World Building Devices Trying to write a novel, but getting lost in your own world? Learn to draw useful maps for science fiction and fantasy world building! Discussions may include basic weather systems, layout of cities, and natural resources. Supplies provided! Also on the panel is Michael Montoure Bruce Taylor/”mr. Magic Realism”

I also have excerpts and mini buttons for Other Systems and bookmarks for Faminelands #3: Mareton’s Curse to hand out. I have the swag packed up in my trunk. I’ll drive down tomorrow in order to pick up my badge.

Wish me luck!

2013 Schedule!

Here is my upcoming convention, blog tours, and releases schedule for 2013

Reading from Other Systems and Panels
January 18-20, 2013
Seatac Marriot Hotel Seatac, WA


February 5th
Interview with author Don A. Martinez about his series the Phantom Squadron: a contemporary fantasy which follows a team of four supernatural agents has been assembled for a Black Ops team unlike any other. Infernal Eighteen is the fourth book in the series.

Cover_front copy

RELEASE OF Faminelands #3
March 1 (Pre-orders will ship February 26th)

The Faminelands Trilogy follows Lark as she endeavors to return her brother Orin to the Path of Valor which he abandoned decades before. In Mareton’s Curse, a shared vision puts Lark, Orin, and their kinsman on a path to search for the lost prince of Mareton.
 As the famine worsens, each must make decisions regarding the future of their House and their own happiness.

Emerald City Comicon
Exhibiting Under Elizabeth Guizzetti
March 1-3, 2013
Washington Convention Center, Seattle, WA

RELEASE of Out for Souls&Cookies #4 (The Christmas Special)
October 1 (Pre-orders will ship September 29th)

Jet City Comic Book Show
Exhibiting under ZB Publications
November 2, 2013
Tacoma Convention and Trade Center
Tacoma, WA

Bellingham Comicon (Tentative)
Ferndale Events Center
Ferndale, WA

More to be Announced! 

Other Systems Cover

Other Systems is coming to print!

V-Con Wrap Up

So I just got back from Vancouver BC and had a great time at V-Con. My doggies missed me. Dennis might have missed me too, but it sounds like he had a good weekend.

As with all conventions there was some fantastic costumes. My favorite was Jareth and Sarah in their crystal ballroom attire from Labyrinth. Unfortunately I was running to a panel so I did not have time to take a photo.

Can You Write SF Without A Science Background? was not as fun as I hoped it would be.Author Donna McMahon Moderated, Dave Duncan and I both spoke as authors. Kristi Charish and David Ngboth came in to panel as scientists. It was a good panel, I just wished I had spoken more eloquently about how the story must come first and the science is just window dressing. I admit I got flustered–mostly from road fatigue. I had driven three hours, got checked in and then had a 1/2 hour to figure out the layout of the convention.

Reading of Other Systems – Friday 7pm I reading chapter 7 & 9 from Other Systems.

The three people who came to my reading loved what I read.  Everyone loved the mini button attached to a postcard in one of those cellophane bags for the postcard sets. They loved it as a package. I had 25 and no one said no to the button. Then discovered I still had more time. So I read from Chapter 4.

Drawing Monsters I felt was my best panel.  It went perfectly to plan. I talked about a cute dragon, then a colossal dragon. Plenty of time for a QA afterwards.

So You Want To Be A Writer? was the first panel I moderated. Ever.

Don DeBrandt, Alyx Dellamonica, Julie McGalliard, Lorna Suzuki were also on the panel. I felt the panel went well. I only got to ask one question before the audience started asking questions.

After the panel, I was sitting around and got a free eye-patch from Kittie’s Knitting. I like her costume. 

Sources Of Inspiration Stephanie and Karl Johanson and I saw Don DeBrandt and Alyx Dellamonica again. We had a very small audience for this one, and basically we just kept thinking of things that inspired us. Of course once we got going, things other people said inspired us to give more details about what inspired us.

Between panels, I had a great discussion with David Ng about a project he is work on.

In my last panel, Drawing Maps Of Your World only three people actually were drawing with me, most just sat there. So I stopped drawing and just began talking. I would definitely do that map panel again, but next time  set up the panel differently.  It ended really being a discussion on world build novels and graphic novels. How ancient cities are formed. The differences between ancient and modern cities with the advent of the cars.

Then I headed back home. Going through customs I only was behind one car so there really wasn’t much of a wait. Since I was driving after 8pm, traffic was good. One quick stop at Starbucks for a Chai Tea Latte and I made it home pretty fast.

Off to V-con!

Heading up to Vancouver, Canada today for V-con! I will be doing panels and workshops today and tomorrow. My tummy always gets a little queasy with these public speaking style conventions. It’s always amazing how quickly one becomes an “expert.” Still I hope I offer aspiring authors some good advice.

Dennis is at working at home so the dogs don’t freak out. Isn’t that sweet?

Here is part of my packing list: flyers, books excerpts, postcards, Freebie posters

My schedule for V-con is:

Can You Write SF Without A Science Background? – Friday 3pm 

Is it easier to write a science fiction story if you have the technical or science background or does it get in the way? Can you write believable science fiction without a science background? How do you weave in the science without making it an info dump?

(This is going to be so much fun. I am going to explain that yes I am a college-dropout who writes hard sci-fi. Yikes)

 Donna McMahon (M), Kristi Charish, Dave Duncan, Elizabeth Guizzetti, David Ng, Wolf Read

Reading – Friday 7pm

I am going to be reading chapter 7 & 9 from Other Systems. Also the first 25 people to show up get a free mini-button!

Drawing Monsters – Saturday 10am

I am going to teach how to draw both cute and colossal monsters in this workshop. Supplies provided.

So You Want To Be A Writer? – Saturday 11am

For brand-spanking new writers. What the writing life entails and what it’s really like to be a full-time published author trying to stay afloat. How in the world did I get to be the moderator? Well I definitely know what it is like to struggle to stay afloat.

Elizabeth Guizzetti (M), Don DeBrandt, Alyx Dellamonica, Julie McGalliard, Lorna Suzuki

Sources Of Inspiration – Saturday 2pm

Panelists discuss what acts as a source of creative inspiration for them. This one is pretty self explanatory yet I have no idea what I am going to talk about: Projects building on other projects, Newspaper articles maybe? 

Karl Johanson (M), Don DeBrandt, Alyx Dellamonica, Elizabeth Guizzetti, Stephanie Johanson

Drawing Maps Of Your World – Saturday 6pm

During this drawing workshop, I will show how to draw a map of the world for your next novel or graphic novel. This is for all the people who want to be Gods or Goddesses of their very own world!

Jet City Comic Show Wrapup

So I had a wonderful comic book show. As I said in the previous post, Maria couldn’t make it due to a nasty bug, but I soldiered on and had a great convention.

This was the commissioned sketch I did.

I was in Artist Alley table 48 right next to Jonah Charney who is the creator of Espresso City. IT was his very first con.  And the fine people from QEW Publishing a small press who creates comics and novels.  Choosematic Books was across the hall from us. They are bringing back “choose your own adventure” style books for geeky grownups.  We always have a great time and saw all of our comic book buddies from Dark Slinger Comics who creates horror comics such as Ghost Assassin and Van Helsing.

I did a commissioned sketch for a themed sketch book  and sold some books. I had two lovely people mention how really excited to see that I have continued slowly building my writing and artistic career. I admit we had a few disappointed folks for the fact Faminelands #3 is not out, but they were all thrill to know it was done and scheduled now to come out for Emerald City Comic Con. That’s right, we are going to be elfing out at ECCC ’13! I also had a short interview which I will post a link to as soon as I get notification it is up.

I admit, I wanted to sequence how I set up my table, and I took the first photo of my open suitcase and then forgot, because I got busy setting up.  If I remember at Bellingham I will do a post on it, if I don’t, well then I guess I won’t.

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