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Kickstarter Update #2:

Dear Fans of Out For Souls and Cookies,

Can you believe it? In one weekend, we’re over halfway to funded! I am so grateful to all of you.

Taste Edmonds was a quiet show, but I gave out all but five of my remaining original pamphlets, hoping to find more fans of the series.

Over the weekend, one of the backers asked me about the REAL ROSIE AND TYCHO! In particular, they wanted to know why I tended to speak about Rosie.

No, I don’t have a favorite. However, Rosie’s actions are closer to a normal intelligent, albeit lazy, dog. I have often said if the real Rosie had the initiative to match her intelligence, we’d all live in Rosietown, not Seattle, Washington, USA, or Earth. It’d all be Rosietown.

Wait, you’re thinking. Not everyone likes dogs. Doesn’t matter. Rosie brings everyone to the dogside. She is eight pounds of hedonistic cuteness with the full knowledge of Jedi-mindtricks. If she thinks you don’t like dogs, she’ll sit and stare at you until you pick her up. (And people always do.) The biggest toughest men melt under her gaze and start speaking to her in babytalk. She had one of my hiking buddies carry her for eight miles. Tycho rings the bell when Rosie needs to go out. This is why in the comic, she is the leader.

When I tell stories about Tycho, the stories just get weird. This weirdness inspired parts of the comic in the first place. Lord Fluffcakes is inspired by the Hide-a-squirreldog puzzle which Tycho loved as a puppy. (Follow the link if you want to see a non-creepy dog toy.)

Though Tycho enjoys a day at the beach or quiet hike, he is the ultimate lover of home, hearth, and his puzzle toys. He loves Rosie, my husband and I with an undying devotion and we love him. He wants us all to be safe. Preferably in the same room. He also wants the people and dogs he has adopted in the same room with him. One of his little quirks is Tycho leaves maddening elusive messages in shapes around the house. Here is one of them.

What does it mean? 3 or M or W? Or could it mean: Three monsters invading from the west?
What does it mean? 3 or M or W? Or could it mean: Three monsters invading from the west?

This strange message is close to his dish, but sometimes he carries his messages into the living room or spread across the kitchen floor. Does the change of location mean anything? I don’t know. When Rosie gets hungry she will eat the messages which Tycho has left. Are they hiding something? 

This inspired the use of the dog dish to speak to the big boss.

Issue 2, Page 17
Issue 2, Page 17


Tycho, the furry enigma
Tycho, the furry enigma
 If you are wondering if you should give to the Kickstarter, please do! We are only $187 away from funding.

Love Out For Souls & Cookies? Help Fund the Graphic Novel!

I am running a Kickstarter for the long awaited Out For Souls & Cookies Graphic Novel which will include the 5 original issues plus an exclusive brand new story inside! It will be a 136 page, full color graphic novel. My goals are really just to presell the graphic novel and make it the best it can be.


Cover for Graphic Novel!

Out for Souls and Cookies is an ALL AGES comic series about two demons who tire of stealing souls. However, Hell has no retirement plan. So they disguise themselves as poodles and move to Seattle where people will take care of them.

The first goal of $500 is to just pre-sell as many copies as I can, but I do have stretch goals …

Stretch Goal of $5000 ???

For more informaiton, click on the cover or the link is below:

ECCC here we come…

We will be at Booth 505 at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. ECCC is the premier comic book and pop culture convention in the pacific northwest!  If you are looking for us, we are exhibiting under my name: Elizabeth Guizzetti.



Here is what you will fine at our booth:

Out for Souls & Cookies 5 will debut this weekend and we have copies of all the back issues including the Christmas Special.

We also have paperback copies of Other Systems and all three issues of Faminelands.

We will be giving away swag. We will be having a huge giveaway at our booth.  You can win everything from sketches to postcard sets to books.

Aubry Andersen will be in my booth representing Fuzzy Hedgehog Press selling paperback copies of  The Winter and The Spring as well as Zachary Bonelli’s novel Voyage: Embarkation

We hope to see you there!

Out for Souls & Cookies #5 Cover Reveal

So who wants to see the cover for Out for Souls & Cookies #5: The Final Negotiation?

Lord Fluffcakes finds a memo stating Satan is heading to a comic book convention to make a few deals with fame-hungry indie comic creators. Can Rosamundian and Tychobraticus stop their servant from making a deal with the devil? 

Out for Souls&Cookies #5 will be available March 29th for $4.00 at the ZB Publications Store or at Emerald City Comic Con.

What do I do while waiting to hear back from publishers? I start a new project!

I admit it, right now, I’m feeling vulnerable about the fact that I have a ton of things up in the air…

ECCC is coming. It’s my biggest event of the year. I’m not even going to pretend that doesn’t freak me out.

mug_FluffOut for Souls & Cookies #5 is progressing a page a day just like normal. In fact I should be done by March 1st on my current schedule which will work fine, since that is when Maria will come down to Seattle to take a look at it prior to ECCC. And for everybody else…I hope you come back on March 1st for the cover reveal.

The Martlet is at Angry Robot. No word.

The Light Side of the Moon is at 48Fourteen.

I’ve three short stories out in the ether, I’m waiting to hear back from. One at Flash Fiction Online, another at Lightspeed and another at Analogue.

As always I’m crossing my fingers, but that doesn’t quiet the anxious voices. So what should I do? That’s right, go through the queue and find a new project!

On Monday, I started a new project from this idea:  Is the life of one worth the life of billions?


Dalya Hayes and her husband Oliver Fisher are locals who run a Museum of Oddities and the Visitor Service Center in the small town of Sitka’s Quay. They watch the summer crowds. Some visitors are just families out for an all-American vacation, but some visitors seek to restore their magic in the grove and lake outside the village.

One day, a visiting sorcerer, Jonah Leifson, comes to town. He believes these old Gods will bring back peace and prosperity to the world. Jonah gathers other sorcerers with the same political motives…..

Now for the rest of the blurb, sorry but you’ll have to wait. I don’t want to give away too much, especially if I change the plot half way through or something. 😉

Finished the outline, and wrote the first two chapters which right now I am calling Sitka’s Quay.

As I said, the protagonists are married…so I began writing. The rough draft of the first few chapters has been written. I started it with them in their museum. The antagonist enters.  They give him a map of the grove but wife senses the danger. 

So I think this book is off to a good start. I’ve researched some ancient Sumerian Gods, ancient ceremonies, running a search party, and small town life.

Note: I think the heat level is still sweet. Way more kissing and sensuality than I wrote for The Light Side of the Moon, but certainly not erotica. I would be embarrassed to write anything much more risqué. Seriously, not only am I known for comics, but my mom reads my stuff.

Teaser for Out for Souls&Cookies #5 Page 1& 2

Excited about the upcoming release of Out for Souls&Cookies #5?

Available at ZB Publications on March 28, 2014

Check out the first two pages….

page 1_blog

page 2_blog

Upcoming Author Appearance: Heroes Resource Fall Festival!

Up in Northern Washington State and looking for a fun free event this weekend? Check out Heroes’ Resource’s Fall Festival.

Heroes’ Resource is North Whatcom County’s game and comic book store. They offer Comics, Novels, Board and Card Games, Card Games, Toys, Apparel, Models, Modeling Supplies!


There will be fun Halloween games and over at the Pioneer Museum there will be artists, novelists, pod casters and more–including me!

Fall Fest Raffle_2Though it’s official debut is Jet City Comic Show, at my table, I will have Out For Souls&Cookies #4 The long awaited Christmas Special!

We will be having a raffle for this original 8.5 x 11 Halloween sketch of Lord Fluffcakes! (Yes you have to attend to enter the raffle.)

We will also have free bookmarks and stickers for Other Systems.

I hope to see you there!

Essentials to preparing for a great convention! Part 1

Alright folks, the trees are budding outside my condo and the birds are singing which can mean only one thing: convention season is about to start!

Here is Matt and me at ECCC 10 (I am dressed as an elf for the debut of Faminelands #2)

First of all, until you have actually exhibited at a convention, you do not understand the stress factor. There is a major difference between attending a con and exhibiting at one. If you are an Exhibitor at a major con, you probably filled in your paperwork six months to a year prior. You are probably nervous, excited. Part 1 is going to go over mental preparation of being an Exhibitor, next week in Part 2 I will write out how to pack for a con.

Here is free extra tip: At most cons, you get 2-4 free badges for the con (at Norwescon I only get one!) Friends and family assume that you get as many as you want  or free or discounted parking …be clear with people. You can not just bring in random people. It gets really expensive really fast.

Ok, so here we go:

1) Goals. People have different equations to come up with a good sales goal. Here is a really basic one: The cost of the con (including travel expenses) X days the sales floor is open = sales goal. Hopefully your inventory is priced fairly enough to sell, but high enough for you to turn a profit, by using a basic formula for sales goal.

Another formula is 5% of estimated attendance X the average cost of your product line.

While for all our cons we have a sales goal, generally Maria and I also try to look at it also as a marketing vehicle. So we also have marketing goals. This year we will be having out sample chapters of Other Systems. I need to hand out to prospective readers–not just every random passing stranger. We hope this will lead to sales, but I won’t really know until I get my first royalty check.  Still I am going to try to hand out 1500 sample chapters over Emerald City Comicon and Norwescon to science fiction fans.

2) Preparation for soul crushing and uplifting comments.

Prepare for positive and negative comments.  I will never understand why anyone who has no interest in what I am doing approaches my booth, but they do. There will be snotty jerks who think what I am doing is completely redundant and derivative because Famine Lands is about elves. It sucks when I have to hear why my artwork is all wrong or I am no talent hack–but that’s part of the gig. When someone says something rude, have a few polite comments ready.

If I can throw in a joke and still come off classy I might, but most of the time I just say “Well, art is subjective, perhaps you might enjoy Wayfarer’s Moon. They do a fantasy comic which has highly detailed realistic artwork. Almost a European Style” (Or pick out another comic that the person might like. Usually it’s one of my friends created–since this person is obviously not going to buy from me maybe I can help a friend get a sale.)

Another part of the gig which ends up just as soul crushing is sometimes people will tell me that “oh I borrowed [insert one of my titles] from their brother-in-law and I really like it.” They will spend twenty minutes at my booth telling me how much they loved Famine Lands, but  no they are not interested in Lure or Out For Souls and Cookies–or even the next issue of Faminelands.  I know people mean well, but it deflates the ego pretty quickly after spending all this time with someone and realizing they have probably really not read your book. They were just bored and wanted to kill a few minutes before the next panel.

On the bright side, prepare for people to love your work. Some of those folks can’t afford it, but will give you a nice complement anyway. Some will probably purchase your work. When people give you a compliment learn to look them in the eyes and say, “Thank you, I really appreciate that.”

3) Preparation for on the spot interviews

More than once, I got an interview specifically I said yes and I am ready now. Have some stock answers about the kinds of writing/artwork you do. Inspirations. Basic bio. Practice with a mirror or with a webcam.

4) Basic Rules for your booth space.

Here is Maria at Emerald City 2011. See how happy she is? She knows I am going to buy her breakfast, lunch and dinner over the next three days.

Your helper buddies might think you are going over the top by having booth rules. More than one of my friends backed out once they realized I looked at this as work. More than one backed out once they realized this was hard core sales for three days. However I also have had plenty of people who were happy that I laid down a few ground rules.

Here are a few examples of some of the rules in my booth: No Swearing in the Booth.

No Complaining. (When you get frustrated, just let me know and you can take a break)

Always try to make eye contact and smile with the customers.

Learn the basic pitch for each book and if someone asks a question that you don’t know the answer to, please just reply. “I don’t know, let me get Elizabeth.”

On the same token: do something nice for your helper buddies. The ones that work hard are worth their weight in gold.

5) Prepare a basic Pitch for each title. Now some people complain that having a pitch means  I am “selling” my book. You are correct. I am selling my books. There is no purpose to spend $800 on a booth at a con, if we aren’t going to try to sell. I also consider the pitch a basic took of informing the customer what the book is about. I know within fifteen seconds if they are interested in hearing more or not.  More than once as soon as I uttered the word “demon” for Out for Souls&Cookies, we have had people frown and move away. We also have had people laugh or make a joke when I finish with “As you may or may not be aware, Hell has no retirement plan.” If they are interested, I will finish my pitch, if not, I will ask if they what kind of comics they like and either suggest something else on my table or suggest a friend’s comic that might be to their taste. If they try to run, I let them go. If they try to steal a book once my back is turned, Maria chases them down. (Yes, this has happened.)

 Next week, I’ll discuss what to have in your booth for a weekend convention…

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