Another Science Fiction Story on WattPad — Love in the World of Make-believe

So here is another free Short Story. Love in the World of Make Believe
makebelieve Sarae has grown up with wearable hologram technology. She feels that not seeing reality is the barrier to her happiness–specifically why she has never been in love.

After reading, feel free to comment upon any part of the story. (Including the R Rating. While there is no descriptive sex or casual swearing, I gave it an R rating for adult themes. If you feel I rated it too harshly let me know.)

Still deciding if you want to read it? Here’s a teaser:

Mornings had become a perverse game of looking at her true self in the mirror, before she turned on her hologram. No wrinkles yet, but Sarae felt them just under her skin. She felt old at forty—not even a quarter through her expected life span as a non-smoking, social drinking American who exercised and tried to stay away from sugars.

Sarae caught a wiff of the automatic coffee maker as she slipped into the shower and scrubbed off the sweat from her mind-numbing hour on the treadmill. By the time she got out; she heard the message that her breakfast was ready…


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Where were you on 9/11?

While I asked this on Facebook too, I think I’m going to change gears today and ask a question unrelated to writing. Where were you on 9/11? Did it change the way you look at the world?

(Even If you aren’t from the States or just a kid or ?, please still feel free to answer this question if 9/11 effected you. And please everyone remain civil.)

My answer is very domestic. I was getting my carpet cleaned.

My husband, had just left for work, called and asked me to look at the news because all he heard was a little snippet about the borders had closed. The carpet cleaner didn’t realize it was an attack yet. He had just heard of a terrible accident in NY–but they don’t close borders for accidents–so I turned on the news. This stranger and I watched the it unfold as he cleaned my carpets. He left. I spent the rest of the day, drawing or writing with the TV on, listening for new information, but much of it was repeating. Dennis came home.

While, it did not change how I looked at the world, the event gave me insight to the fact not everyone loves Americans. Still young and idealistic, I hoped it would open up an international dialogue to change the world for the better. (Seriosuly, I had only ever heard of a Jihad because of Dune) A friend told me that the American response would be an automatic war. History proved him correct.

New Story on WattPad : First Contact…

Want to read a free short story? Head over to WattPad and check out

Not convinced? Need a teaser?

The soft glow of the television lit the darkened living room. Mark lifted his furry head towards the window and growled. Then he jumped from the couch, spun around, and made a higher yap.

Cover Illustration for First Contact

Cover Illustration for First Contact.

“Quiet,” Erin said, readjusting the blanket to cover her feet. Trying to decide whether to finish the movie or go to bed, she wasn’t paying attention to Invasion of the Body Snatchers though its familiar dialogue soothed her and dulled the sound of traffic outside.

Mark’s barking continued. Erin gently put her fingers upon her dog’s head. Though he quieted, a low growl continued to sound in his throat. She glanced at her phone. 11:47.

It’s Tuesday night, people.

Expecting to see her neighbors smoking pot and drinking on the back patio, she pushed back her blinds and readied herself for the coming conflict. Instead of her neighbors, a bald whitish face with large black eyes peered back at her. A three-fingered hand waved. His/her/hir/its’ lips curled upward showing pointed teeth…. 

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The Light Side of the Moon Artwork and Teaser

Since I know everyone has been waiting patiently to hear word, but I don’t have word yet, who wants a teaser for

The Light Side of the Moon?


Due to overpopulation, lack of natural resources, and a surplus of political bickering, Earth is a cesspool. In Other Systems, human colonists from Kipos transported 750,000 Earthlings to inhabit their utopian planet ninety-four light years away. The Light Side of the Moon explores what happens on Earth.

Brimming with hope amid intense uncertainty and physical hardships, eleven-year-old Ella follows rumors of plentiful jobs on the moon. On roads fraught with danger, she discovers Earth is a bigger place than she ever knew. 

Lunar Colony Serenitatis as little more than a prison colony. Ella forges unlikely friendships with corrupted androids and the idealistic prison doctor, Ian Whitlatch, who champions equality and rights for inmates. She aspires to build something that the population of Earth and Luna hasn’t seen in centuries: a public school.


Part 1: And the Kiposians came…

Chapter 1

June 1, 3062

Spiraling, interlocked rings of ejected matter danced to a song the android could hear on the edge of her mind. Faint halos of dust extended into space from NGC 6543, also known as the Cat’s Eye Nebula. Their rhythm matched the beat of her automated heart. Harmonic knots filled her with joy.

lighted earth1

Part 1: Illustration

A pulse invaded the android’s reverie. Radio waves assaulted her audio membranes. Garbled noise awoke her consciousness, transporting her sentience back to Earth. Background noise grew into static. She lowered the current signal, pinching off sounds. Blasts of an indistinguishable din became overlapping languages. The android sought out her native French and found “Frères et sœurs.” Brothers and sisters

She teased out more words until the message was complete. Brothers and sisters, we come in peace and in need. We have found our way home.

“The lost androids returned?” she spoke aloud. “It must be them!” All androids referred to each other as brother, sister, or sibling—whether or not they had the same programmer.

She zoomed her optics from the nebula to Earth. Her enlargement algorithms resized the sky as she flipped her crafted compound lens to a smaller setting to allow in less light. Her world was millions of pixels shifting colors. Images smoothed. She could see.



The Light Side of the Moon Research Topics

lunaThe Light Side of the Moon rewrite took a lot out of me. Not only did I feel like I was able to make the characters more lifelike, I did more research in order to make the story sing with science and facts. Or at least so I don’t sound like an idiot. I’ve written before about how I believe in specific directed research.

This is some of the topics I researched for The Light Side of the Moon and some of the books and links I used:


Time Off: That means its time for a reading rampage…

IMG_2701While some people might say its too late to start my Summer Reading list, I say, this is my first week I’ve had off this summer. So I’ve gotten behind on my readings.

I read Here Lies Love and reviewed it here.

Here are the rest of the books in my tbr list:


Non Fiction

Author Event Page 2 Books in Burien

Local Science Fiction Friends:

Looking for something awesome to do tonight? Come down to Burien at check out the Author Event at Page 2 Books. There will be some great authors in attendance including me, Aubry Andersen, Zachary Bonelli, Emma Elliot, Amanda Feldman, Jeff Suwak 6-8 PM.
There’s also an art walk and a farmer’s market.

Come ask me questions preferably about science fiction or Other Systems, but I will also answer questions about how I got a wierd sunburn and seven mosquito bites.


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